Tribal design Persian rugs have been popularised by their stinkingly beautiful and diverse designs, rich and delicate color schemes and the natural dyes and materials they are made from.

The rugs can be identified by their place of origin such as city names including Tabriz, Qum, Mashad, Nain and Isfahan or with the nomadic tribes they are identified by the weaving tribe. For example a rug made in the town of Tabriz is know as a Tabriz.

These principal tribal rug weaving areas typically produce fine-looking, opulent rugs from wool and silk featuring curvilinear floral design. The weavers in these city areas produce rugs that are distinctly different from other weaving regions with intricate floral designs with more modern pieces featuring central medallions on a colourful field.

Tribal rugs are most commonly woven from natural materials and colored with natural dyes that vary from reds and browns to blues and greens and the knots per square inch (KPSI) can also vary between the rugs that are made in the cities to those produced outside the city areas.

Whatever your own style, design and color preference any one of these beautiful tribal rugs that you choose can enrich your setting.